Ford Automotive

Project Overview
Every year, the Ford Automotive Co. Releases a Trends Report, highlighting several cultural and marketing trends that will have the biggest impact for the coming year. That information is gathered on a website and made available to the public, tailored to marketing professionals in the automotive space and at large.
My Contributions
I worked with a team of creatives and stakeholders to visually tell the story of each of these trends through custom illustration and website layout. Being heavily involved with the process, the work was produced from the conceptual phase all the way through to final.
Through a series of meetings with the client, I worked with a Creative Director to produce sketches that were reflective of the narrative and needs of the client. Those sketches were presented to the client and continually refined until a stylistic direction was decided upon and finally approved. Those assets were then used on the homepage and expanded definitions section of each trend; many of each were animated within our in house team.
Software Used
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator