Patti Labelle Food Group

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Project Overview
The Patti Labelle Food Group came to me with a new line of breading mixes for chicken and fish. Top of priority for the client was to incorporate their existing branding and elements from other packaging with a fresh, updated look for this product line.
My Contributions
In having complete autonomy with the design elements themselves, limited only by template, I acted as both designer and art director for the piece; the client having final approval.
I wanted to keep it impactful and clean and also somewhat playful. In certain instances, this was achieved through the use of graphics I felt promoted that idea of professional playfulness while adding elements that appeal to a more vintage, farm look.

Additionally, Displaying the packaging in a vector based environment further reinforces the playful while seamlessly integrating different graphic styles into the presentation.
Software Used
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Illustrator