Skip the line at the bar
Project Overview
Regulars is the brainchild of a client and local entrepreneur. The idea was simple and practical; design and develop a mobile application that would allow for bar goers to skip the line at the bar and preemptively set up a tab en route to their destination.
My Contributions
The two of us worked collaboratively on the logo, all the way through to the pitch deck. The branding, starting with the logo, incorporates the elements of all of the spaces that it occupies; social media, consumerism and the convenience of GPS technology.
Software used
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator
Pencil and Paper
I wanted the consumer/user to feel at ease while also invoking a sense of forthcoming fun. On the entrepreneur end, the user should feel as though this is a service that “takes away their pain” to use an old adage. I didn’t want the fact that we’d be introducing a new technology into their workflow to be seen as a complication. Everything from the color palette, consistency in look on both ends, and simplicity of the design works toward achieving that end.