Symmetry Behavioral Health

Integrated Health and training services
Project Overview
Integrated health specialists Symmetry Behavioral Health wanted to develop a brand. A brand that would be professional, inviting and put perspective clients at ease. This was achieved in the logo design using traditional “human shape” iconography, connecting the two circles with a soft, bridge gradient. With the colors, I wanted to use those that identified with the medical profession while also going slightly outside the box with the lavender to invoke a sense of peace and calm.
My Contributions
I worked directly with the client, one on one through every phase of the design process; the two of us worked together to develop the logo, color palette, font selection, imagery and eventual look and feel of the brand.
Across the marketing materials, achieving a balance and consistency in energy was paramount. With the brochure and business card, I used integrated shapes to create a narrative flow that drew the viewer in and gently informed the directive. With the website, goal was to achieve a modern look with a user interface that naturally spoke to the users’ inclinations, all while staying on brand and reinforcing the look of the other materials.
Software Used
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD